Then & Now.

Then & Now.

Meeting with last year’s MScDM students yesterday, while a little scary when considering  the sheer magnitude of the final research project which lies ahead, was really inspiring and exciting.  I loved the attention to detail in the design of their site, the Easter 1916 logo in particular, and was driven by the notion that determination is often rewarded in a situation such as this.  I also loved the use of original archive photographs and the idea of the “then and now” photographs, matching old photographs of 1916 Dublin to those same locations today.  This morning, while mooching around the internet, I came across the gorgeous blog of South African blogger “Miss Moss” and her post about a vintage photo collector, Giuseppe Savini.  I would so encourage you to have a look at it.  Savini photographs his old collected images in the location today, matching them up with the building or landmark in front of which they were taken.  They made me laugh as they were so very clever.  A great idea.  Wish I had thought of it.


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