What is Twitterature?

“Classic Literature in twenty tweets or less that recreates classic literature in a micro-novel format. ” 

I loved the sound of Twitterature when I first heard of it.  To sum up great works of literature in 20 tweets or less, what a fantastic idea.  Not only is it a great way to re-visit the classics, to get a modern spin on it, or to have a good laugh at the witty way in which these works are presented, but also to introduce a younger audience to literature, by giving a quick synopsis hints in colloquial and more accessible language in a modern, digital way.



Gonna try to talk some sense into Mom because boyfriend totally killed Dad. I sense this is the moment of truth, the moment of candour and –


Great Expectations

@piMp The walk was a bad idea. I met a prisoner who demanded bread and a file. He looks like a pederast. And a murderer. Amber alert? 

Alice in Wonderland

@AliceInTheSkyWithDiamonds Is it OK to drink from a mysterious bottle that’s been opened? What if there are Ruffies in it?


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